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These Were The 10 Most Popular Properties In April

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Time to have a look inside the most popular properties! Because just like us, many Belgians appear to have the same interests and would like to scour the homes for sale or rent on viewfinder sites. We went looking for the homes that were viewed the most in the past month!

For this article we went in search of the homes that were most frequently viewed between April 1 and April 30, 2019 on Zimmo

1. 6 bedrooms in As

We start in the Limburg municipality As north of Genk. The most popular home of the month of April turned out to be an open development from 1984. The 6 bedrooms and the 13 acres of land in particular have proved to be interesting data for many house hunters. In addition, the property was also offered for 125,000 euros which is the set price for the public sale of the property via Biddit.

2. Affordable, modern home

We remain in the most eastern province of Flanders and again a property offered by a notary. This public sale in Hasselt concerns a closed development with 4 bedrooms and already with 240 m² of living space is already a spacious family home. The EPC of 149 kWh / m² was also experienced positively by many viewers. Bidding is still possible, the set price is 190,000 euros .

3. Charming property with tower

Three in a row for Biddit and for Limburg. The province seems very popular and also the possibility to bid online on the property based on the set price – in this case 130,000 euros – many viewers seemed very interesting. In this case we are in Herk-de-Stad where we wander around in this cozy three-bedroom house from 1979. The eye-catcher of this house must be the tower!

4. The architectural home

That is at least in the locator of this bell floor from Munsterbilzen Limburg. This home enjoys an exceptional amount of natural light and beautiful open spaces on the inside. No wonder it was pretty popular! Those interested in this three-bedroom home have such a 359,000 euros .

5. Holiday feeling in Heusden

We complete the top five in Heusden . No, not Limburg again, but a part of Destelbergen, in East Flanders. For 315,000 euros tap here a pearl with three bedrooms where the holiday feeling is never far away. Delicious!

6. Great farmhouse

We absolutely understand why this farm from Kermt ended up in sixth place. This beautiful Kempische long-walled farmhouse stands on a piece of land of 15 ares and is located in a dead-end street. In addition, the plot is completely fenced for optimum privacy and there are no urgent costs at home. For this ready-to-live-in house with four bedrooms, you put down 269,000 euros .

7. Well-kept property in Sint-Truiden

Limburg continues to dominate the popular list, because we continue to Sint-Truiden . There a house is for sale for 249,000 euros on a large piece of land in a residential area. The three bedrooms, somewhat ready-to-live-in house and extremely good location proved worthwhile for many house hunters to take a look.

8. Holiday apartment in Herselt

Look at an old acquaintance! This chalet offered as holiday house in Herselt an Antwerp municipality between Westerlo and Aarschot, proudly proudly as the most popular property last month. . There you will find a cozy chalet within walking distance of the village. The property is offered as a holiday residence with a price tag of 144,000 euros .

9. Ready-to-live townhouse

For the second time on this list we drive to the provincial capital Hasselt . There is a renovated town house from 1936 for sale. This three-bedroom home was recently completely renovated by the owners, the electricity was renewed and the home with solar panels was given an additional upgrade.

10. Peaceful living in Ghent

A house in a dead end street in Ghent with four bedrooms and "but" 279,000 euros. this city pearl No wonder it turned out to be popular. This property is in principle ready to move in / habitable, but can still use the necessary finishing inside. It offers the opportunity to creative families to turn this pearl into their dream home.

Which is your favorite?

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These Were The 10 Most Popular Homes In March

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Like many Belgians, we like to search the internet for nice homes in our country. It is no surprise that we like to look inside houses that are for sale or for rent. But did you know that one province really stands out in terms of popularity? These are the 10 most viewed properties of last month.

For this article we searched for the homes that were most frequently viewed between March 1 and March 31, 2019 on Zimmo

1. Holiday apartment in Herselt

We open the top 10 in Herselt an Antwerp municipality between Westerlo and Aarschot. There you will find a cozy chalet within walking distance of the village. The property is offered as a holiday home with a price tag of 144,000 euros .

2. Modern home in Neeroeteren

After Herselt we continue in the direction of Limburg, where we stop in Neeroeteren . There we find with this modern semi-open building with three bedrooms the second most popular home of the month of March. The positive EPC score, the three bedrooms and the recent renovation in combination with the asking price of 295,000 euros may have been sought after by the general public.

3. 6 bedrooms in Hasselt

We stop for a while in Hasselt because the Limburg provincial capital is in the top 5 three times. For the bronze site is this charming, to be renovated house with 6 bedrooms near the city center. Interested parties can bid online via Biddit with a set price of 100,000 euros. Interesting option!

4. Interesting house in Hasselt

On the other side of the city there is again a charming 4-bedroom home that is offered through a public sale . However, the set price was not disclosed.

5. Beautiful house in -new- Hasselt

Yes, we are staying in Hasselt for the third time in a row, which really puts Limburg on the popular map. This time it is about this spacious home – a living space of 275 m² – with 4 bedrooms and an excellent location. The living and living spaces were completely renovated in 2013 and are now waiting for a new owner who wants to put 485,000 euros on the table.

6. On the edge of the Netherlands

We go from Hasselt to our northern neighbors, because a ten minute drive from Maastricht we find this beautiful family home in Herderen a village that belongs to the municipality of Riemst. This spacious building is for sale at this quiet location with a price tag of 390,000 euros .

7. Beautiful ready to move in house in Mol

Do you dream of a ready-to-live-in house with a spacious south-facing garden? That is possible in the municipality Mol ! This beautiful house has a floor space of almost 13 acres, contains 4 bedrooms, enjoys a lot of light and because of the relatively cheap asking price of 219,000 euros proved very popular last month. And rightly so!

8. Renovated kangaroo house in Linkhout

A kangaroo home has been very popular with our countrymen for some time. If there is still such a gem for sale with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a plot of 47 acres, then that can only be popular. This beautifully renovated house in Linkhout – yes, in the province of Limburg – is for sale for 498,000 euros .

9. Surprising building in Genk

A farmhouse with a surface area of ​​13 acres and an asking price of 50,000 euros ? We have to see that! And many thought so, because this house also turned out to be very popular. However, the asking price is the set price of Biddit – the online platform for bidding on a home – and the building in Genk is one to thoroughly renovate or even razed to the ground.

Photo: Notary Van Soest

10. Beautiful presbytery house in Koersel

Finally, we end in Koersel of course in Limburg, which dominates the top 10 with nine houses. Here we find a ready-to-live presbytery house from 2015. This gem contains four bedrooms and a spacious terrace. Ideal for families! This house has a price tag of 329,000 euros .

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This Changes On 1 March

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A new month, new opportunities! But in our country the start of a new month is usually accompanied by some new rules. Anyone who lives, purchases or renovates can also feel it again in his or her portfolio from 1 March. We will guide you through the two most important changes.

1. The new demolition and reconstruction premium

In 32 Belgian cities and municipalities it is currently possible to demolish the house and rebuild it at a reduced VAT rate of 6%. For Flanders this was the case for the central cities of Aalst, Antwerp, Bruges, Dendermonde, Genk, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, Ostend, Roeselare and Sint-Niklaas. Elsewhere in Flanders you paid 21% VAT

Therefore, residents from other Flemish cities and municipalities can submit an application from 1 March for a premium of 7,500 euro for the demolition of a building in order to set up a new home. According to Flemish Minister of Finance Lydia Peeters (Open Vld), this amount should bridge the difference between 6% and 21% VAT. The premium is only valid for individuals who filed their environmental permit between 1 October 2018 and 31 October 2019. and it is paid within three months after the demolition works have been determined. The government has allocated 15 million euros, which corresponds to 2,000 projects.

2. An increase in your energy bill

Where most of us were still happy with a premium, there is also something less good to report. This way a particle of your energy bill rises. "For an average family, we see an average increase of the surcharges and public service obligations of 7 euros or 26 percent compared to March 2018", states the Vreg (The Flemish Regulator of the Electricity and Gas Market)

That does not necessarily have to be bad news, because the total annual bill for electricity would still be lower for an average family. Because the distribution grid tariffs are almost 50 euros lower than last year and there is a small decrease in the federal contribution, the Vreg speaks of 496 euros in 2019, compared to 541 euros last year.

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This Changes From 1 February

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A new month, that also means new changes. Even if it is only a short month, February will also affect the thickness of your wallet. And fortunately only in a positive sense. An overview.

1. New court fees

A discussion with the tenant or landlord? A neighborly quarrel that has no end to it? Or problems with the contractor or seller of your house? You can bring such a dispute to court.

Anyone who institutes a court case immediately pays roll-right to the court. That is an amount that you pay to the clerk to start a procedure. If you win the case, you can ask the court to have the other party refund the amount, but if the loser is unable to pay, chances are you have lost the money.

You will no longer run that risk from 1 February. If you then commence a lawsuit, you no longer have to advance the right to roll . Only at the end of the trial does the judge decide who has to pay, and that will be the loser. If the loser can not pay the sum, then it goes to the government.

Still new: the amount . In the past you paid 40 or 80 euros, depending on the bet, but from now on the right to roll is 50 euros. If your case comes before the court of first instance, you pay 165 euros.

2. The new renovation premium

At the start of this year the improvement premium and renovation premium were integrated into one new renovation premium. And you can apply for this from 1 February.

That's how it used to be:

If you had specific improvement work carried out on your home, or remodeling works to remedy overcrowding, you could apply for an improvement premium . You got that if you:

  • carried out works on the house itself (the roof, the outside joinery, electricity, heating, sanitation, moisture control, extension works or on the façade)
  • your home was at least 25 years old
  • your family had an income of maximum 31,340 euros.

A renovation premium got you for work in the following four categories:

  • working on the structural elements of the house: the foundation, the walls, the stairs and the supporting floors
  • roofing, and more specifically for improvements to the roof truss and the roof covering, the gutters and the drain
  • work on windows and doors
  • and work on the technical installations of electricity, plumbing and central heating.

That's how it works now:

These two are thus bundled in a new renovation premium . You can receive these for four renovations: the roof, the exterior joinery, the building envelope and the technical installations. You can receive subsidies for 20 percent of the invoice, with a maximum of 2.5000 euros per category. This means that you can collect a premium of up to 10,000 euros in total.

Author: EM

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This Will Change In 2019

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A new year brings with it many changes, and that is no different in 2019. In the real estate world, a few new laws and regulations will apply, of which these are the most important.

1. New rental decree

Anyone renting or renting a home will from now on have to follow a lot of new rules. This is actually changing:

  • The rent guarantee : new tenants must not pay two but three months rent as a guarantee. After termination of the contract, the lessor gets one year to repay the deposit. Does not that happen? At the moment you have to start a legal procedure, but thanks to the new law it will be easier to get your money back as a tenant.
  • The cancellation : do you have a 3-6-9 lease? In 2019 the legal notice period is three months, and you have to pay the landlord a compensation of one, two or three months rent.
  • The non-registered lease : if you do not have an official lease, you can terminate the contract at any time without compensation or notice. But from now on the tenant must still pay the rent for the month in which he did the cancellation.
  • The official reason for termination : if a landlord ends the agreement earlier than planned, he or she must give an official reason for this. If you indicate as a landlord that you want to live in the rented accommodation yourself, then you are also obliged to do so.
  • The rent : the landlord may adjust the rent, provided that the rental value has increased by twenty percent. For example, after renovation works or energy-saving measures.

Attention: the new lease decree only applies to contracts that are concluded from 1 January 2019. All other contracts remain under the current legislation.

2. Building becomes more expensive

Those who have building plans in the new year must take into account a price increase of about 4.5 percent . For an average house of 345,000 euros, you have to count on 15,600 euros extra. This is because the suppliers have announced that almost all building materials will become a lot more expensive. For concrete, cement, asphalt, roofing and paint, you are now going to pay 8 to 15 percent more than before. Cause? Raw materials that are becoming scarcer, as a result of which the delivery period is getting longer and longer.

3. New apartment law

If you own an apartment, you have to take into account a few new legal rules in the future, and these are the most important ones:

  • Smarter Majorities : for certain decisions, such as renovation works or roof insulation, you need fewer supporters than before.
  • Compulsory reserve fund : a piggy bank that must be created to carry out major repairs or renovations that apply to the common parts
  • The cost price of the syndic : from now on the administrator will make a list of the extra fees that will be charged. Is something not on the list? Then he or she may not ask for compensation for this.

4. A clear renovation premium

Renovation plans? Then you might count on the new renovation premium in which the former improvement premium and renovation premium are bundled . You can get a premium for four renovations: for your roof, outside joinery, building envelope and technical installations such as heating, sanitation and electricity. You can get subsidies for 20 percent of your bill, and up to 2,500 euros per category.

5. The new EPC +

The EPC, which shows how energy-efficient a home is, is given a new look. From 2019 a new EPC + will be launched with an energy label . It will look different visually and also contain new information. The main difference: the energy label, which can go from A + (very good) to F (very bad). In addition, recommendations will be made to make the house more energy-efficient, with a cost indication.

Tip: if you still have an EPC from before 2019, that will of course continue to apply.

Author: EM

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This Is How A House Of 150,000 Euros Looks Like In Flanders

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The sales prices of houses and apartments are increasing year by year. The average purchase price in Flanders has almost tripled to 213,500 euros in fifteen years, according to figures from the FPS Economy .

There are still a lot of renovation work to really make your dream home out of it. A whole sum of money, but can you also do it with less? We searched with a budget of 150,000 euros on Zimmo .

West Flanders

We start at the sea, in Ostend . At a few kilometers from the beach you will find for 135,000 euros a spacious apartment with three bedrooms and a living area of ​​83m2, to all wishes.

Do not you necessarily have to live on the coast but do you also need three bedrooms? Further south in the most Western province there is a completely renovated house in Kortrijk . With the price tag of 149,000 euros you pay a bit more than in Ostend, but the area is twice as big and the spacious south-facing garden makes up for it.

East Flanders

In the quiet Schellebelle you are served for 150,000 euros with a half-open building . The area of ​​262 m2, an attic and a beautiful garden complete the house. Does Schellebelle seem remote? Within half an hour you are in Ghent, Sint-Niklaas, Dendermonde and Aalst!

Does not matter if you're isolated or not? Then why do not you just look at the language border? Ten minutes from Ronse, Brakel and Geraardsbergen you will find the rural Vloesberg where you have for 110,000 euros a house with a ground surface of 1.437m2 ! The house itself is in need of urgent renovation.


The center of Antwerp can be quite pricey, so why not search on the outskirts of town? By public transport you can be seen from Hemiksem in less than half an hour in the center of 't Stad. For 125,000 euros you will find a ready-to-move house with two bedrooms .

A little further from Antwerp, you can find Essen where you can find 149,000 euros a house with as many bedrooms . With a ground area of ​​1.272m2, however, you have a lot more space than in Hemiksem. The disadvantage of the house in Essen is that it has to be regularized first.


The most Eastern province of Flanders also has something beautiful to offer. With view on the canal and a stone's throw from the Netherlands you can go to Lanaken for 150,000 euros in a fully ready apartment with three bedrooms that was renovated in 2007.

More to the south in the province you find in Sint-Truiden for the same amount a spacious house with four bedrooms and two garages which is no less than five times the surface of the house Lanaken. However, the house needs to be renovated, but offers good prospects.

Flemish Brabant

On the border with Limburg, but already in Flemish Brabant, Landen is located. For 100,000 euros you can go to a terraced house with three bedrooms . However, it needs to be completely renovated, but with 269m2 it has a lot of potential to make something beautiful.

Closer to Brussels, buying a house would be almost unaffordable, and so are his apartments. Nevertheless, on the Brussels edge, in Wemmel you will find a new apartment with only one bedroom in a new residence . Just a stone's throw away from all access roads and public transport you will be in the capital in no time.

Finding a home in Flanders for less than 150,000 euros is no sinecure. That is also the case with renting in Flanders . Yet you can hit a nice house with a lot of goodwill. In most cases you still have some work to do, but sometimes you find that one rough diamond.

Disclaimer : The 10 dwellings described here are only a fraction of what is sold in Flanders and by extension in Belgium for 150,000 euros. The extensive list can be found here .

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For Example, Social Media Influences The Property Market

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Social media are omnipresent and they also influence what we do during house hunting. As friends they invest in a big house, it seems as if we want to follow them. At least, that showed a study by the American National Bureau of Economic Research.

Social media influences choices

It is so that when social media friends share with enthusiasm that they bought a house, you are more inclined to also skim the real estate market and find your own house. That was the conclusion after a survey of 1250 respondents in Los Angeles. In addition, the data of 434,000 tenants and over 1 million owners were analyzed.

"When you see that people buy a house that rises in value and ultimately make money from selling it, that also seems like a better investment for you", says Johannes Stroebel, professor of economics at the University of New York, who collaborated on the study. "It shows that a positive experience within your social network is an important factor and ultimately determines your own choice."

 SoMe - 1 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<h2> Not everything is positive </h2>
<p> When people <a href= read on social media that some properties have increased by 5% in value over the past two years, 3.1% is more likely to buy a new home themselves within two years . Moreover; 1.7% would consider buying a larger house, 3.1% would want to significantly increase the budget and 7% would be willing to take out a new loan for it.

On the other hand, those who read negative experiences on social media from acquaintances and hear that they are losing, are more likely to sell the house and rent it. About 1% would eventually even sell their property cheaper than normal.

"Social media does indeed influence whether or not you end up in the housing market. This can be both positive and negative ", is the conclusion of Jason Dorsey, Chief Strategy of a Texan research firm. "Buying a house seems more feasible when acquaintances have done it successfully, and vice versa is no different. So you are more reserved when you post friends earlier about the stress they have experienced. "

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The 10 Most Popular Houses In 2016

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Whether a house is popular or not, you can not see with the naked eye. How do you actually measure the popularity of real estate? We have already listed the ten most visited houses on Zimmo !

High popularity in Ghent

This terraced house from the East-Flemish capital comes out as the most popular . The only building in the list that can be rented is immediately the most visited! And why exactly? Ghent has the character of a student city and is ideal as a starter to start your independent life. Oh yeah, it can be yours for 650 euros a month

The only rental property in the list is immediately the most popular!

We stay in the city of the nose, because the number two we find in Ghent. So you find in the middle of the city an oasis of peace in a beautiful house from 1886! this terraced house with one bedroom popular because of the beautiful location it has. Near the center of Ghent and yet an oasis of peace. Price tag: 197,000 euros.

Top 3 for East Flanders

No two without three in East Flanders! Just below Gent and on third place you will find Zwijnaarde. For example, for 270,000 you have a farm with a spacious ground of 6 ares. Always wanted to have an open building in a quiet environment that is still perfectly accessible? You are not the only one and you are welcome in Zwijnaarde!

East Flanders seizes power in the top 3

On to Limburg

We leave East Flanders for the first time. On the fourth spot we find in Lommel a beautiful country house back! We all dream away together. With three bedrooms you have as much as in Zwijnaarde and the ground is the same size. With the presence of many recreational opportunities in the neighborhood, you have the ideal conditions for settling in Limburg as a family. And that for 299,000 euros.

3 in a row for Leuven

The most popular building in Flemish Brabant is located in Herent, near Leuven. With 375,000 euro the farm is the most expensive from the series and also for our number five we give our eyes a good living. Because of the quiet location and the gigantic meadows around, paradise seems nearby! With a potential over surface of 44 acres you have a lot of possibilities!

If you want to find your place in the center of Leuven, you are not alone. Leuven is a very popular city for young and old. In fact, everything is within easy reach at a stone's throw from the bustling center. The cost of the two-bedroom house is 270,000 euros. Being fast is the message with this number six !

Or you seek salvation in Heverlee. If you want to live close to a city, but still want to stay in the green, you can find a solution with number seven . There a villa with four bedrooms, an oasis of light and space and a gigantic garden can be yours! In short, a gem on the outskirts of town!

Leuven also grabs three in a row!

Tiny and popular

Apparently we are not only looking for large cities such as Ghent and Leuven, because in the eighth place in the tiny Sleidinge is one of the most popular houses in the market. Is it a good place to live, or is it the villa with five bedrooms and a spacious garden where we dream away?

Still West Flanders!

At the last moment still to West Flanders. We are also looking for ready-to-move homes, because we do not want much work anymore. We find an exponent of this on the ninth place in the quiet Rumbeke. You can view the home with a price tag of 245,000 euros, even virtually !

End in Leuven

We finish the top 10 in beautiful Leuven, which dominates the list with four buildings. A completely renovated town house in a quiet street. Many of us dream of that. For 220,000 euros you may soon become a Leuvenaar.

Did you know that …

You can view the popularity of buildings on Zimmo? You can see that from the flame under the building. The popularity is calculated on the basis of the number of times a house was viewed and how long it has already been published on Zimmo compared to similar properties in the neighborhood.

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Belgium – Italy, Where Do You Score The Best Real Estate?

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At the European Championships, the Red Devils start against Italy. The land of spaghetti, pizza and Pisa has more to offer than food and culture. It can also be wonderful to live, but where is it better?

Because say yourself, living in a country where the sun shines much more often than in Belgium must be delicious. Do not these prices swing out or does it turn out to be worthwhile?

Belgium vs. Italy

According to the figures of the notary barometer, the average cost price for a house in Belgium is 230,000 euros. Of course there are clear regional differences. For example, in the province of Antwerp you pay on average 264,000 euros while in Hainaut you can live for 'only' 140,000 euros. That is no different in Italy. For example, the Northern Valle D'Aosta is more expensive than Calabria in the South.

What can you find for 264,000 euros in both countries? Let's look at Antwerp and Valle D'Aosta. Want to renovate? Then put your teeth in a villa in Rijmenam. Four bedrooms and 15 are of land can be yours. In Northern Italy you have a beautiful ready-to-move home for that amount. No, you do not have such a large piece of land, but you live on top of the mountain!

 BELITA1 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Rijmenam Valle D'Aosta Price € 260,000 € 260,000 Land 1525 m2 500 m2 Surface area 215 m2 100 m2 Bathrooms 1 2 Bedrooms 4 5 State To renovate Ready to go

The sea vs. the interior

Similarities between North and South, but a difference in the comparison between the interior and the sea. In Belgium, prices fall when you head towards the coast. In Italy you just pay more. With an average 224,000 euro the price for a house on the Belgian coast is included.

In Middelkerke for that amount you will find a renovated roof apartment with two bedrooms, near the beach. For that amount you have in the Italian interior a beautiful house with five bedrooms. Such houses are inconceivable on the southern European beaches, because then the prices go up to three times.

 BELITA2 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Middelkerke Bologna Price € 222,500 € 199,000 Land 65 m2 315 m2 Surface area 65 m2 215 m2 Bathrooms 1 2 Bedrooms 2 5 State Ready for use Ready for use

Brussels. Rome

In a capital you always pay more. That applies to both Rome and Brussels. In our capital you count on average 442,000 euros for a home. For this you have a spacious apartment with three bedrooms in the center of the capital.

Rome is also one of the most expensive cities in the country. Many homes are priceless, but here and there you will find a hidden gem. Admittedly, 375,000 euros is not a gift from heaven, but you're already better off than in our capital.

 BELITA3 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Brussels Rome Price € 418,000 € 375,000 Land 139 m2 350 m2 Surface area 139 m2 150 m2 Bathrooms 2 3 Bedrooms 3 4 State Ready for use Ready for use

Italy has been in a slump in recent years and saw property prices fall year after year. That's why you have a lot of nice pearls in Italy that you can tap on the head to say the least. The general prices are therefore a lot lower in the country of the pasta and they already win this real estate match. Thumbs of our Red Devils against the pitch!  😉 "class =" wp-smiley "style =" height: 1em; max-height: 1em "/> </p>
<p><script async src=

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Belgium – Ireland, Do You Score More Real Estate Over The Canal?

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It is time to take a step back after the slip against Italy, because besides football we also went down badly on real estate . In other words, against Ireland, the country of the Guinness and the Baileys.

But of course, a country is not just about drinking. Ireland still has trump cards, because with U2, The Script and Damien Rice, a nice part of the music world is also Irish. But the most important question is also here: is it ideal to live?

Belgium vs. Ireland

The average cost price for a house in Belgium is 230,000 euros This is reported by the figures from the notary barometer, and just as in every country, there are a lot of differences at regional level. For example, in the province of Antwerp you pay an average of 264,000 euros, while in Hainaut you can live for 'only' 140,000 euros.

When we take a look at the cheapest region, we see some hidden gems popping up. For 150,000 euros you have in the village Bouffioulx a nice, detached house with a spacious garden . For that amount you get a lot more in the center of Ireland and the finish also looks a bit more modern.

 BELIER1 (2) "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Bouffioulx Cornaleck Price € 150,000 € 150,000 Ground area 761 m2 3100 m2 Surface area 100 m2 112 m2 Bathrooms 1 2 Bedrooms 2 4 State Ready to go Ready to go

The Belgian North Sea v. the Irish Atlantic

Admittedly, it's nice to live in our Belgian North Sea, but the call from the Atlantic Ocean seems to us to be a little more attractive. The prices are a lot lower in Ireland because the country is almost completely surrounded by water. Because Belgium has a much smaller coastal strip, the prices in our country are therefore higher. With an average 224,000 euro the price for a house on the Belgian coast is actually down to the average, but it is a fact: in Ireland you are much cheaper.

So in Oostende you have a sunny apartment with 2 bedrooms, a stone's throw from the sea. Price tag: 190,000 euros In Ireland you soon have a villa for this, also within walking distance of the beach, and on the Atlantic Ocean.

 BELIER2 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Ostend Dunquin Price € 190,000 € 195,000 Ground area 66 m2 194 m2 Surface area 66 m2 2023 m2 Bathrooms 1 5 Bedrooms 2 4 State Ready to go Ready to go

Brussels. Dublin

In a capital you always pay more. This is no different in Dublin and Brussels either. In our busy capital you count on average 439,000 euros for a home. For that you have a hypermodern apartment with two bedrooms in the center of the city. Despite Dublin being the capital of Ireland, prices are generally in line with our country. Whoever has a pocket money on surplus can visit this pearl with 6 bedrooms and a panoramic view in the north of the city.

 BELIER3 "width =" 957 "height =" 500 "/> </a> </p>
<table class= Brussels Dublin Price € 439,000 € 449,500 Ground area 227 m2 6070 m2 Surface area 227 m2 335 m2 Bathrooms 2 8 Bedrooms 2 6 State Ready to go Ready to go

Ireland has been hit hard in financial terms in 2007. Houses were then offered at dumping prices. The market is slowly recovering and real estate prices have risen sharply in recent years, but the next opponent of the Red Devils is in favor of that. Anyone who wants to go looking for a house in a foreign country, can therefore always go over the English Channel, because there is a nice diamond to pick up here and there. Hopefully our national team on the field can prove the opposite.

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